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Install Lightweight Steel Roof Frame

The development and construction of the current construction has given birth to many new discoveries especially in the use of building materials, one of which is currently popular is lightweight steel technology. Lightweight steel is currently one of the most commonly used constructions in both high rise and residential building projects.

Why choose Light Steel Frame Roof?

  1. Its strong, if in case of fire Light Steel Frame Roof is not raising the fire. This is different when compared to the wooden roof truss, if a fire occurs then the fire will become larger because the nature of wood that is not resistant to heat and combustible
  2. Lightweight Steel Roof Frame has a light weight rather than a roof frame made of wood
  3. Lightweight Steel Roof Frame free from termites, so it is not easy porous
  4. Lightweight Steel Roof Frame is resistant to any weather conditions, so it will not be damaged and durable
  5. Lightweight Steel Roof Frame is more environmentally friendly because of its use to conserve nature and reduce deforestation
  6. The installation process of Lightweight Steel Roof Frame is very easy and fast
  7. Using Lightweight Steel Roof Frame is more cost-effective

Those are some of the advantages and advantages you can get if you choose Light Steel Frame Roof for your construction building.

Many sellers Light Steel Frame Roof, but you still need to be careful to choose the seller. You can get Lightweight Steel Roof Frame on our place Light Steel Jogja Canal Steel.
Lightweight Steel Roof Frame is made of high quality steel material with Grade 550 High Tensile coated with aluminum and zinc AZ 100 so it is resistant to any weather conditions. Lightweight Steel Frame Roof Installation is supported by a special lightweight D & E V 16.09 lightweight engineering software that takes into account the strength of the roof horses in detail. We provide product warranty up to 10 years.

For the price we offer very competitive and more affordable, Lightweight Steel Roof Frame we sell for Rp. 110.000 / m2. We Baja Ringan Jogja Canal Steel serve reservations for Jogja, Magelang, Solo, Purworejo, Klaten and surrounding areas. For product information and how to install, please contact us immediately!

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