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Advantages and Advantages of Lightweight Steel Roof Frame

The development and modern times of today has greatly influenced people’s lifestyles, including in terms of housing construction and other buildings. Currently the construction of houses and buildings have included elements of art with the aim of beautifying the look of the building. One of them by choosing a gypsum ceiling as a complement to the construction, because the charm of the gypsum is flat, smooth and not visible connection. For those of you who want to build a modern home, gypsum selection as a ceiling is very appropriate.

Why choose a Gypsum Ceiling?

  1. The ceiling of the house becomes flat and looks smooth without any connection
  2. Can be made various forms such as storied (drop / up celling), dome (dome), and others
  3. Many variations of gypsum model so it can be selected as desired
  4. Treatment and repair gypsum is very easy, so if it is damaged do not need to replace all the surface, simply replace the damaged part only by using putty
  5. The installation process is fast and neat
  6. Not easy to eat termites and mild
  7. Can be mounted using wooden frame and hollow frame
  8. Affordable prices

That’s some of the advantages and benefits you can get if using Gypsum for your ceiling material.

Gypsum meets various architectural requirements for design. His ability to adapt to all forms of decor makes it easy for architects to create many models of gypsum ceilings. This makes the gypsum unmatched by any other material. Many Gypsum sellers, but you still need to be careful to choose the seller. You can get Gypsum at our place Light Steel Jogja Canal Steel.Kami Light Steel Jogja Canal Steel serves installation of gypsum ceilings, gypsum partitions with standard specifications according to the manufacturer and in work by experts in the field of installation of gypsum. In order to give satisfaction in Serving Consumers, we provide warranty for the house we work on.
For the price we offer very competitive and more affordable, we sell Gypsum Ceiling with the price of Rp. 85. 000 / m2 includes installation services. We Baja Ringan Jogja Canal Steel serve reservations for Jogja, Magelang, Solo, Purworejo, Klaten and surrounding areas. For product information and how to install, please contact us immediately!

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