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Replacing the construction of a roof made of wood with lightweight steel construction is certainly possible. Currently lightweight steel is very stout used in many types of construction, one of which is household construction. In the area of ​​residential construction, lightweight steel is used to make roofing easier and stronger. This is one of the advantages possessed by lightweight steel material as a component of the building in housing. Although light, but not to worry, because this roof material is strong because it is made of steel. In addition to these things, mild steel alone has more advantages over the construction materials it replaces. Here are the advantages of using lightweight steel for construction materials as one of the prima donna in modern construction materials.

Why choose Light Steel?

  1. Lightweight steel can be applied in many ways, ie mild steel has the ability to replace many types of construction materials.
  2. Mild steel has a high durability, anti-rust because it is made of steel
  3. It is safer to use as a building material
  4. Flexible, meaning mild steel easily applied as anything

Those are some advantages and advantages you can get if you choose Light Steel for your building construction materials. No wonder so many people prefer Lightweight steel, so the security and comfort of your family can be guaranteed.
Many sellers of Light Steel, but you still need to be careful to choose the seller. You can get Light Steel in our place Light Steel Jogja Canal Steel. We give special price that is highly competitive and more affordable to purchase and installation of the product in a package (lightweight steel roof truss, metal roof, ceiling gypsum) with high-grade materials Hi-Ten G550 with the composition of Aluminum & Zinc which has the advantage. For the price of mild steel from Rp. 110.000 / m2 (incl. Fare). We Baja Ringan Jogja Canal Steel serve reservations for Jogja, Magelang, Solo, Purworejo, Klaten and surrounding areas. For product information and how to install, please contact us immediately! For further information please contact us at 0811-25-1331.

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